Montessori.Store is now a member of the DVSI

What is the DVSI?

The German toy industry is a pacesetter in the development and production of toys. In order to strengthen its international competitiveness, DVSI has been actively shaping the framework conditions of the industry for more than 30 years. We are a competent and sought-after discussion partner - for our members as well as for politics and society.

Why exactly the DVSI?

There are many reasons to be a member of DVSI. The most important: A powerful association that shapes the framework conditions for the industry and represents its interests in the public eye. The members represent more than 80% of the toys in Germany. Whether global player or hidden champion, whether listed on the stock exchange or family-run, they all know: Only as one voice will we be perceived!

The child's well-being

With our membership and as a part of the association, we benefit from many advantages:

  • Through the association, we speak with the voice of the (almost) entire industry in Germany
  • The association represents the interests of the members not only in Germany, but also in Europe and the world
  • We secure discounts on services and seminars for our employees and customers
  • We benefit from the expertise of employees and external experts
  • We network with other representatives of the toy industry

At Montessori.Store we pay great attention to the high quality of our goods, which meet the requirements of DVSI. When selecting our children's toys, we are guided by the following principles together with experts:

  • a careful selection of manufacturers;
  • Safety and proven benefits of each toy;
  • Each of our toys is made for the child's well-being;
  • A variety of toys for all age groups;
  • Ethics and aesthetics of each selected toy (the appearance of the toy should inspire, encourage imagination and not cause anxiety);
  • Honesty towards customers and our partners. DVSI!

The above principles are supported by the German Association of the Toy Industry DVSI. It speaks for the high quality and responsible handling of our work. The membership in such an association proves that we are on the right way to reach our goals. You can rely on the quality of our products. And we do everything to maintain and constantly improve the level of quality, to carefully select the assortment of our store and to meet the needs of our customers. 


Let's together inspire our children with the best toys