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The presence of personal space - an important condition for a comfortable life of the child. No less deserving of attention and how decorated and arranged the children's room. After all, here the baby spends a lot of time engaged in active activities, plays, learns and relaxes. Decorating a child's room - a very important issue because it affects the physical and mental state of the child. How to make it as comfortable and functional as possible?

Rule 1: Don't forget about your child's personal tastes

There are several basic principles that are worth remembering when decorating a child's room. First and foremost, you must remember that you're doing it for a child, not for yourself. It is necessary to listen to the child's desires as much as possible about what he would like to see his corner. Sometimes his tastes may contradict yours, or go against the general design of the house. But still most importantly, that the room likes the one who will live in it.

Rule 2: Create a neutral color palette

Children's room design should not be based on an abundance of bright images of animals, cartoon characters and so on. Moreover, too large images can frighten the very young and distort their perception. Remember that modern cartoons create unrealistic images that do not correspond to reality, so do not actively use them. It is better to include in the interior small cute figures, drawings, photos or other details. The background for the children's room should be a light, neutral wall color.

Montessori Children's Room


Rule 3: Children do like little things.

It is worth paying more attention to what the child can touch. For example, do not focus on the original colored wallpaper, but add to the interior a lot of small details. Interesting photo frames, toys, souvenirs, flowers and much more can be used when decorating a child's room.

Rule 4: More space for games

Arrangements for a child's room imply a place where the baby could play with various objects. Try to provide as much space as possible for an interesting pastime. To do this, you can put a table with chairs in the nursery, put a warm carpet on the floor, make a small cushioned corner with poufs.

Rule 5: All things must be available to the child at once

Of course, you want to make the most of the space up to the ceiling of the children's room for storing things. But when arranging the room, pay attention to the fact that toys and other things the child needs are at a height accessible to him.

Rule 6: Think of something together with your child

Try to think of an original idea for a child's room together with your child.

There are many details that can create a magical effect. When thinking about furnishing a child's room, include elements such as natural materials, original items, garlands. A few items that create a story will make a child's room truly wonderful.

Rule 7: A child's room should be magical

There are many details that can create the effect of magic. When thinking about the arrangement of a child's room, include such elements as natural materials, original things, and garlands. Several items that create a story will make a child's room really wonderful.

Children's Room

Rule 8: Create the decor yourself

It is better not to buy ready-made decorations for the nursery, but to create them together with your child. This way you not only decorate the room originally, but also encourage your child to perceive the surrounding beauty and develop creative skills.

Rule 9: Like adults

Children often want to have the same things as their parents. If the baby is interested in some thing that adults use, you can buy a toy copy of it when setting up the nursery. For example, put a small stove, a table with a doll set or a sewing machine.

Rule 10: Let your child come up with his own purposes for items

The little master will still use the space according to his perception. If he wants to replace the "kitchen" with a bedroom for his toy friends, so be it.

Rule 11: Create convenient storage spaces.

It may be the simplest drawer made of wood, where a child will put his belongings. You can also provide separate places for storage, for example, for soft toys, balls, dolls, etc.

Drawer for Toys

Rule 12: Allow your child to constantly change the image of the room

For example, if the kid stopped using anything and wants to get rid of it, you can simply remove it from the nursery. You should also allow the child to remake his room, make it up to his own taste. It is worth trying to use wallpaper, which can be turned into a coloring book, or place a special board by the wall for drawing with crayons.

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