Kitchen Helper Tower

Are you considering getting your child a learning tower, but can't decide if it's right for them? Below are some reasons why you should buy one.


We hope these help you understand why a learning tower is a great long-term investment for your child and right after, below we’ll present you our own ones.

Kitchen Helper Tower Montessori
  1. Child's safety is the most important issue for parents. Our learning tower is very sturdy, with three solid sides and rear protective bars. The bars provide extra protection so that small children do not accidentally fall out. Unlike the usual dining chair, there is no danger for your child to fall off the chair.
  2. The learning tower helps your child to stand in a safe environment from the very beginning, when they are able to do so on their own. The learning tower is stable and safe. Since your child can now reach the kitchen countertop, he or she can also playfully help you cook.
  3. Your little tyke can fully concentrate on what he is doing. He won't be overwhelmed by sitting or standing still on a regular chair, and you can also relax on the other side knowing that the tower can't tip over.
  4. Your back and arms get a deserved rest while your child watches the world from a higher level, because there seems to be a lot of fun up there. Using the tower also makes mealtime less stressful.
  5. Let your child help you cook so that he learns through play in the process. For example, you can learn with him to identify colors or distinguish between types of vegetables or other spices.
  6. And let's not forget sensory education. Your child can learn all about different tastes like cinnamon, flour, fresh basil, and much more.
  7. Learning towers have several uses. In the kitchen, children can sift flour, stir mixtures, or roll dough, but let's not forget about craft activities. All of these help develop concentration skills and give them a sense of accomplishment and independence.
  8. The tower gives your child a sense of freedom. As they get older, they can move the tower themselves and access the sink to wash their hands, or move closer to you so they can be your little kitchen assistant.Kitchen assistant
  9. Picking fruit right off the tree could be so much fun for your little helper. Why not take the tower right into the garden?
  10. The learning tower can also be a great help in the bathroom. Washing hands, brushing teeth? No problem!Learningtower for children
  11. Watching what dad is doing in the workshop? Your little helper might pass you the screws or the tape measure; your child will love performing these tasks.
  12. Doing more and more activities together will strengthen your bond with your child. Plus, you won't have to think of activities that are exclusive to your little one. You can use the general routine of the day for playful activities.
  13. Using the learning tower will also give your child a sense of self-confidence. They will feel like an independent little person.
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