Teepee for the baby room

Tipis are taking the interior cosmos by storm right now. The little tents are perfect for cuddling, playing and make even interior-conscious moms happy. Here come five good reasons why a teepee should not be missing in your four walls, too!


If you click through baby room inspirations lately, little teepee tents keep popping up. We took a closer look at the trend: Why do all moms suddenly want an Indian tent for the nursery?


Reason 1: The perfect retreat

Bloomingville shows the way: With pillows; blankets, lights and Co. the teepee is declared a cuddle zone. Here the offspring can play in peace, you can cuddle together or you use the tent as a retreat for breastfeeding.



Reason 2: The tepee grows with you


Don't worry, the mini tent won't grow into a marquee. Rather, the point is that your child will get something out of their teepee for a long time. In babyhood, it's the ideal cuddle spot, gradually favorite toys and books move in, and then friends come over after school to play "cowboys and Indians."


Reason 3: The tent makes mom happy

Furnishing-conscious moms don't always have it easy with all the colorful toys, the XXL play kitchen, the patterned crawling blankets and co. That can destroy the deco idyll very quickly. With the teepees it's different: This pretty model from Montessori, for example, also makes mom's interior heart beat faster.


Reason 4: Children love caves

If you think back to your childhood: do you also remember how you built caves for hours, furnished them and even slept in them? That's where a teepee comes in handy.

Reason 5: It's quick to make

Do you love DIY? Or you just can't find a teepee you like? Then you can simply build one yourself. You'll need wooden poles, fabric, string and a drill. Then you're ready to go!

But apart from the Selfmademan teepee tent, there is a wide selection of great, stylish and eco-friendly teepee tents in the Montessori.Store. Take a look at our collection below:

Play in the big pavilion tent where it is room for you and all of your friends. Roll up the sides and invite your friends to join you in the pavilion or take down all the sides for a complete house to play in. The playhouse tent is the small soft little cottage made for playing and hanging out. Easy to assemble and to take apart again.
To make the tent even cosier, match it with the quilted play mat made in the same fabric designed to fit inside our new play tent.Large kids tent

There is plenty of space for play and mischief in our cosy and popular play house tent. All sides can be rolled up and down, which means that you can adjust the play tent completely according to where you place it. A great play tent when the kids want to play castle, restaurant, house or just cuddle.

 Large Kids Playhouse with Window


Children love building cabins and creating their own little cosy den. In their imagination, their den can become anything - a playhouse, a shop, a library, or simply a cosy cabin. The more pillows, blankets, and cuddly toys they can cram in there, the cosier it becomes.

Pavilion tent - Beige

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