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"The best we can do for our children is to prepare them a beautiful environment, provide them with the best materials, and then avoid them." - Susan Mayclin Stephenson

In order to design the children's room at home according to Montessori, you need neither a lot of money nor a lot of space, not even the famous Montessori materials themselves. There are a few of the latter that can also be recommended for the home, but these most of them belong in the Montessori facilities and after all they don't make the children's room "montessorical". 

montessori material

However, many other things from the Montessori houses can also be implemented wonderfully in the children's room. Therefore, our shop attaches more importance to making the room comfortable and inviting, but also simple and clear. It should enable the little ones to be independent, practical and adapted to their interests, height and age.

Montessori Toys shelf

Toys and other stuff are sorted in baskets, trays and wooden bowls on an open shelf. This clarity helps children enormously! Not only because they can see at a glance what choices are available to them, but because it gives a sense of appreciation for beautiful things and at the same time creates a sense of order so that they can easily put their toys away themselves afterwards.

Arch shelf medium Montessori

In a Montessori children's room there are many open shelves that are ideal for such play baskets. We at recommend those on which there is space for several baskets next to each other, so that the baskets are easy to grasp with the hands, and above all those that are the right height, so that children really can have free access. As far as clearing away is concerned, in our experience parents only very rarely tidy up here, usually the children do it themselves.

Share toys with each other

When it comes to toys, it is particularly important to us to offer our little customers something that is made with care and that is meaningful and stimulates them to be active and creative. We wrote more about this in previous posts.

Montessori space

When siblings share a room, we know a lot depends on the age of the children. If one of the children is younger than 18-20 months, we recommend adding their own lower shelf with just a few toys. If the room gets too "narrow" like that, move the younger one's play shelf (and toys that are played on together) to the living room for a start.

Books shelf

Your little reading corner. Kids not only uses this bright and cozy place to look at their books, but also to listen to music and to do handicrafts, such as embroidery or knitting, all of which are also readily available on their Montessori Toys shelf. There should also be a reading corner in the living room where the remaining books are also kept on a shelf.

Montessori furniture. Multifunctional double drawer

But as much as we make sure that the children's room is beautiful, functional and appropriate for each age and interests, we find it just as important that the toddlers can customize the space according to their own personality and tastes. After all, it's their own private room.

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