Montessori shelves

Feeling the world, touching it, trying out new things - that's what our children need.

What luck that more than 100 years ago the famous Italian doctor Maria Montessori recognized the child's need for learning and understanding! 

In order for your child to be able to develop his or her personality freely from day one, it is not only important to give him or her space and time and materials to do so. The nursery should also be set up in such a way that your child always has free access to all play and learning materials. 

Montessori shelves


In this article we present to you our five most beautiful Montessori shelves.

Whether purchased or DIY, these shelves, designed to meet the needs of the youngest children, are the perfect complement for free and self-determined learning for your child.


Why exactly these shelves?

Maria Montessori herself attached great importance to the child-friendly and development-promoting furnishing of the rooms in which the children lived and learned.

All the points to which Montessori paid special attention, you will find represented in our five shelves for the nursery. 


What makes Montessori shelves special

  • All furniture is set up to the size of the children, so that they can use it independently and do not need to ask an adult for help.
  • Toys, books and learning materials are arranged in such a way that the child can easily recognize everything and thus decide for himself what to do - for example, looking at a new book.
  • Likewise, all materials are within the child's reach, so that he or she does not have to ask the adult to give him or her this or that.
  • Everything is in order: the books are arranged on the shelf, crayons, building blocks, dolls, everything has its fixed place. In this way, the child learns to keep things in order and keeps an eye on all the play options.

In addition, Maria Montessori attached great importance to quality. She related this mainly to the play and learning materials, but also to the furniture: 

It should be stable, easy to assemble and aesthetically pleasing in bright, friendly colors.

Today, following on from this, children's furniture is required to meet further specific quality characteristics that correspond to our present and current knowledge.


Quality Features

These include:

  • The design of the furniture, which should ensure safe handling for the child, for example through rounded corners and edges or a solid, tilt- and break-proof construction,
  • The use of pollutant-free building materials, especially wood instead of plastic, since young children in particular tend to explore their world with their mouths and can thus absorb pollutants contained in plastic, but also in treated wood, glue or waterproof varnish, and
  • Sustainability, which is guaranteed not only in the choice of building materials, but also the continued usability of the furniture in teenage and adult years.

For example, all shelves are made of wood and use water-soluble paints that are non-toxic to children. Also, all shelves are built so that even the very youngest children can reach the lowest compartments, as they start directly above the floor.

In addition, all shelves are designed so that you can arrange the toys and learning opportunities for your child so that they are neat and recognizable to the child. 

This criterion is of particular importance in today's world: in contrast to earlier times, when toys were not mass-produced and were also expensive, we are currently dealing with an absolute oversupply of dolls, cars, books, puzzles, coloring books and craft activities. Even as a parent of a baby, you are confronted with well-meaning friends, relatives and acquaintances who, unfortunately, are often completely immoderate in their buying behavior. 

Children's furniture


Fortunately, as a mom or dad, you can decide, at least up to a certain age, what goes in your child's room and what can perhaps wait or be passed on to others. 


Our Montessori Shelves

With our five Montessori shelves you create lightness and air in your child's room, because the wide shelves can hold quite a bit of even larger toys.


In addition, all of our shelves accommodate the typical putting away and putting away pleasure of children: The child can take out all the toys from the shelf and sort them again according to his own ideas. Some children spend a whole morning like this and enjoy trying out different placement options again and again.


In this way, your child trains his or her sense of order and clarity.

Growing along", which was also mentioned earlier, is another important point in Montessori education as it has developed to this day: Shelves should be filled so that the toys are appropriate for the child's age.


Putting a baby in an overflowing nursery full of dolls, cars, books and building blocks is not conducive to its development: two or three small objects such as a rattle, a cuddly toy or a feeling book help the child to get to know its environment step by step. Too much, on the other hand, carries the risk of overtaxing.

So with all five shelves, you can start small and clear.

As your child grows older, more toys will naturally be added, so it is advantageous to let the initially small shelf become a somewhat larger one. 

This is especially possible with the following models described beneath, by purchasing the appropriate parts. The small shelves are not obsolete, they can still be used. This also saves the resources of this world and of course your wallet!

1. Set Montessori shelves          

This Montessori Set features no back and cut outside openings to provide maximum supervision of children making it the perfect storage option for Montessori spaces and areas with young ones! This open view also makes it easy for kids to see and pick toys off the shelves. 


  • Handmade
  • Material: massive beech wood, birch plywood, water based lacquer
  • Dimensions: 76 х 50 х 34 cm / 76 х 70 х 34 cm / 100 x 40 x 34 cm

Set Montessori shelves


2. Montessori shelf - Natural color

Bring the benefits of a Montessori play experience to your home. The 2-in-1 storage shelf makes toy rotation and storage simple in a modern, 100% massive beech wood design. Montessori-inspired design.


  • Handmade
  • Material: massive beech wood, birch plywood, water based lacquer
  • Dimensions: 76 х 70 х 34 cm

Montessori shelf

3.Arch shelf medium Montessori

Keep children's toys and play figures in one place so that your child can play and learn independently. The Montessori shelf is the perfect choice for a modern children's room. It fulfills 2 main functions:
- storage of toys;
- Your child gets used to order in his room.


  • Handmade
  • Material: massive beech wood, birch plywood, water based lacquer
  • Dimensions: 110 х 60 х 32 cm

Arch shelf medium

4. Open Shelf and Chair

This toy shelf is a practical and functional piece of furniture which will stay with your child for many years.
The children should have easy access to their belongings.They are also deep enough to contain even bigger toys and accessories supporting the child’s development.
The chair can be used in 3 different heights but also as a small table.


  • Handmade
  • Material: massive beech wood, birch plywood, water based lacquer
  • Dimensions: 76 х 34 х 34 cm, chair 34 х 34 х 34 cm


Open Shelf and Chair

5.Montessori shelf - White

The children should have easy access to their belongings. This toy shelf is a practical and functional piece of furniture which will stay with your child for many years.


  • Handmade
  • Material: massive beech wood, birch plywood, water based lacquer
  • Dimensions: 76 х 50 х 34 cm

Montessori shelf - White

Less is more

Don't cram your Montessori shelf full of toys, or you will overwhelm the child. The idea is not to fill the shelf to the brim, but to put only one toy in each compartment.


Here is an example of what a Montessori shelf could look like:

Montessori shelves

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