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The first three years of life are in many ways considered the most intense and challenging for children and their caregivers.

At the age of four, however, a child has "arrived" quite well; it knows a lot about the world and itself and can already understand a lot; it can follow rules and instructions and at the same time has developed a mind of its own.

During this time, a lot of stimulation is important, because your child has largely left the baby time (and also the corresponding activities) behind. We not only present the most beautiful Montessori-inspired toys for preschoolers to work on, but also explain what happens in these years of life and how you can best support the development of your preschooler.


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What all happens from preschool age?

At around four years of age, there is a big change in the child's development. It develops from an impulsive toddler to a young person who acts purposefully and thinks a lot. The absorbent mind that soaks up everything like a sponge in the first years of life becomes conscious.

Perception and action acquire a component of reflection, a more stable self-image emerges, and purposeful action becomes increasingly important.

The child understands that he or she must find his or her place among equals in a very diverse world. Not only the awareness of one's own self changes during this time - empathy and the ability to imitate also become much more complex. At this age, a "Theory of Mind" is formed for the first time, i.e. an implicit theory of how people think, feel and act.

Child washbasin with mirror


The child is able to reason and learns to argue, which can be as amusing as it is exhausting for his or her caregivers. Related to this is the child's ability to plan his own actions and exercise greater control over his own behavior. Thus, his social skills develop rapidly. 


The key here is to explain a lot and show even more.

Your role model effect now reaches its peak, because your child not only observes very closely, but can also draw conclusions and understand and justify his own and others' actions.


However, just because your child is now quite big and can do quite a lot does not mean that he or she needs less guidance. Your attention will only become increasingly verbal and also rational. However, physical closeness, understanding, comfort and loving guidance are hardly less important than in earlier years.

Montessori inspired toys for preschoolers

This small selection of work materials and toys is oriented to the sensitive phases of the fourth year of life. However, they are suitable for a longer period, depending on your child's interests from about three and a half to six years.

  1. Geoboard - Wooden Beads

Toys made of wood

Developmental value:

  1. skimming the beads develops the child's fine motor skills.
  2. the child masters the first counting 
  3. Learning to distinguish the pastel colors of the rainbow

Absolutely a good choice as a gift for boys and girls.

MONTESSORI MATERIAL Montessori education is a teaching method based on children gaining their own experiences and from the resulting independent learning. Children use learning materials that encourage self-employment.

LEARNING Helps to study concepts of colors, shapes, numbers; comparison, classification, analysis. 

PEDAGOGICAL Montessori education is designed to allow children to learn topics of interest to them in a self-directed manner and at their own pace: Color perception, movement coordination, perseverance, attention, memory, tactility, and fine motor skills.

SAFETY Handmade: natural wood, safe wax cover. The bright colors also make this sorter wood visually stimulating.

Geoboard with 40 scheme cards

2) Puzzle-Garage

Puzzle set in a suitcase

A wonderful gift for small children. With this jigsaw puzzle, your child is immersed in a real auto repair shop, encountering lots of tools and helping to repair cars and other vehicles.

The puzzles are very big, it will be easy for your child to find the right element.

The puzzle is very colorful, the details are great.

Puzzles develop logic, perseverance, fine motor skills and attentiveness.

The handy packaging (form of a suitcase) makes this game be the favorite of your child.

The puzzle consists of 104 elements made of thick cardboard.

 Absolutely a good choice as birthday and Christmas gifts for boys and girls.

Educational Game:


3) Dollhouse furniture set

Great addition to a dolls house.

Your child will be delighted!

This dollhouse furniture set is sold undecorated, so you and your child can easily decorate it with colored accessories.

Stimulate children's imagination and creativity with fun role-playing games. Develop your child's fine motor skills together with the dollhouse.


The furniture set consists of:

  • Kitchen worktop with sink, stove, oven and shelves (24*20).
  • Stovetop (8*9)
  • 4 chairs (8*11)

Material: wood

Recommended for children over 6 years old.

Contains small parts that may pose a choking hazard.

Dollhouse furniture sets are for gentle play only.

Doll's House


To sum it up

But no matter what toys you finally choose for your children, the main thing is that it gives your child fun and joy, and, of course, supports and strengthens it in its development. Our product range for preschoolers will make your choice much easier. Please have a look. We look forward to seeing you!

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