Learning numbers with Montessori for toddlers 

Young children are just as curious about the world of numbers as they are about the world of colors or shapes. They already know many everyday situations in which numbers play a role for them, e.g.: "Give me three leaves, please." Through targeted encouragement, toddlers quickly learn to assign the correct valence to each number. In this article we’ll shortly tell you about the first time getting in touch with numbers and the methods to learn counting with Montessori. 

 Mathematics Set

The sorting board is a wonderful way to get to know the numbers from 1-10. It is fun for the child to perform small tasks.

E.g.: "Count off three blue stones." or: "Take away five blue stones."

For the beginning in dealing with numbers, it is sufficient if the child sees the respective quantities in front of him and only picks up the corresponding numbers acoustically.

Concentrated and structured work, counting and sorting with the sorting board

Later, the numbers from 0 to 9 can be introduced. Since the small child perceives its environment much more by feeling with its hands, there are the large sand digits to trace with the fingers. The shape of each digit can be experienced sensually and is much better remembered than a purely visual impression.


Numerals in a wooden box

The Montessori slide rules impress with their clear shape and the symbolization of each number by one of the 10 Montessori colors.

Since the children memorize the colors of the rods faster than their length, the rods serve as an introduction to the comprehension of size and quantity.

In one exercise, a sandpaper digit can be placed in front of the child. Now the child takes the corresponding stick and places it next to it. This gives the child a threefold information: 

  • the appearance of the number
  • the length of the number in stick form
  • the Montessori color of the respective number.

Colored Montessori calculation rods

The beaded material also works with the Montessori colors. The bead kit serves as illustrative material. Many other sets of beads serve concrete arithmetic actions.

Educational toy

The first bead set illustrates the numbers from 1 to 10. As with the slide rules, the bead sticks contain double information: the number of beads and thus the length of the stick, as well as the colors of the sticks. On the wooden frame, the numbers are also indicated. The child therefore has several opportunities to check his understanding of numbers and thus receives a safe framework for learning the first numbers.


Educational Set: Wooden Beads - Geoboard

Developmental value:

  1. skimming the beads develops the child's fine motor skills.
  2. the child masters the first counting
  3. Learning to distinguish the pastel colors of the rainbow

Geoboard with wooden Beads

Absolutely a good choice as a gift for boys and girls.

But no matter what toys you finally choose for your children, the main thing is that it gives your child fun and joy, and, of course, supports and strengthens it in its development. Our product range will make your choice much easier. Please have a look. We look forward to seeing you!

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