Montessori toys

Montessori toys are high-quality, educational toys that pursue specific learning goals and offer children the opportunity to master age-appropriate tasks alone or within a group.


The educational toys are made of sustainably produced wood and are characterized by a simple and loving design. Montessori education was founded by Maria Montessori, whose main goal was to educate children to be independent and self-confident, so that they benefit from this in their later lives. The educational toys are also called Montessori materials and are divided into different categories.


In this guide, we explain what you should look for when buying a Montessori toy and also offer you a selection of the best models currently available at our store.


Our checklist for choosing the right Montessori toys:

  • What learning goals does the toy meet? For example, should it encourage the ability to concentrate?
  • A good material is a high quality wood. This should be completely non-toxic and the paints should be water-based.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the age rating. This is an important factor to ensure the safety of your child.

What is the Montessori approach?

Montessori education was developed by Maria Montessori. This educational method is about maximizing the learning processes of children. Maria Montessori believed that every child learns at his or her own pace, children naturally have an urge to learn and enjoy participating in life, including adult life.

According to Montessori, children always learn best when they are motivated to do so. The goal of the Montessori method is to encourage the joy of learning. Through the special toys, different tasks are given to the child, allowing him to learn and understand his environment in a characteristic way.

Due to the convincing success of this special learning toy, which is made of high quality wood, it is nowadays used long ago not only in special Montessori institutions. Montessori toys offer children a lot of meaningful variety. The special wooden toys are designed to encourage and motivate children to become active themselves and to concentrate fully on what they are doing. The point is to play on the basis of a single sense and thus to train and sensitize it in the long term.



What distinguishes Montessori toys from normal toys?

Montessori toys differ from classic wooden toys on several levels. With the special toys, the focus is on the individual occupation of children. However, the goal is not to solve a certain task, such as putting shapes together, within a certain amount of time, but for children to focus on a problem through play and stay on task.

Montessori toys are designed to follow Montessori's core idea, which is that children internalize learning processes through their senses. According to Montessori, access to children is always through the senses, as children naturally want to grasp and thereby understand everything, as well as look, listen, smell and taste.

The respective sense is trained and thus also the concentration ability of children is trained. Of course, Montessori toys take into account the relatively short attention span of children in younger age groups and thus also ensure that the tasks that the toy sets for the children also motivate the children.

In the following part, you will now learn what you should consider when buying Montessori toys for toddlers. After that, we will go into individual product recommendations.


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What should you look for when buying Montessori toys for toddlers?


When buying Montessori material, it is important to pay attention to some purchase criteria. In addition to the material and workmanship, the age recommendation and the learning goals that the toy should fulfill also play an important role.


Material and processing

Montessori toys are completely non-toxic and are made of high-quality wood that comes from sustainable production. The colors of the toy are water-based.

When buying this high-quality wooden toy, always make sure that it has the CE mark of approval, which indicates that the toy has been adequately tested and found to be good.

Furthermore, the Montessori toy should have the GS mark for tested safety. With regard to the wood, care should be taken to ensure that it comes from sustainable forestry. The wood should not contain synthetic fragrances, wood preservatives or flame retardants or other harmful substances.


Tested seal in green

With the special educational toy for toddlers, always make sure that it has no sharp or pointed corners or edges and has a smooth surface so that children can play with it without hesitation and their safety is guaranteed.


Age recommendation

The Montessori wooden toy should always be selected according to the age group of the child, taking into account the age recommendation of the respective manufacturer, so that the child is not overwhelmed by the toy and its joy of learning and playing is not affected. With regard to Montessori toys, the age recommendation is always based on the corresponding category to which the toys are subordinated.



As a rule, Montessori material is divided into the categories sensory material, bead material, language material, cosmic education and mathematics. Thereby, the different toys fulfill different, developmental functions.

The so-called sensory material, which is suitable for toddlers from the age of one year, promotes haptic, acoustic and visual experiences. The child's sense of taste and smell are also developed and sensitized through Montessori materials.

The sense of sight is trained by recognizing colors and dimensions, the so-called stereognostic sense is promoted by having to distinguish shapes. Children's sense of warmth is trained through temperature discrimination. In their function, Montessori toys always differ by the category to which they are assigned.


What learning goals does the toy fulfill?

The different Montessori toys pursue different learning goals, which always depend on the respective category to which the toys are assigned. Since young children are particularly concerned with learning about daily life, sensory materials are designed to help the child discover the world through play using the senses and movements.


The visual appearance of these toys arouses the curiosity of children, who thus begin to play with them independently. In this way, children gain not only haptic, but also acoustic and visual experiences.


In addition, Montessori material for toddlers also pursues the learning goal of further developing the sense of taste and the sense of smell. By focusing on developing only one of the child's senses, the toy supports the child's ability to concentrate and teaches him or her to stay on task in a playful way.


In the next section you will find detailed descriptions of our product recommendations:

Soft blocks made of food-grade material with silver ions for additional kids' safety. The sets consists of 42 blocks. Toddlers can use them like a teether without any gums' hurting. Develops the creativity, motor skills, hand-eye coordinations. 
Wooden lacing beads is made with 21 rainbow wooden beads of different shapes and colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). Bright rainbow colors and different shapes attract your kids to play. Develop their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills , color and shape recognition, sequencing and counting skills while playing. Threading the beads onto the string is a good practice for developing skills, and kids will have a lot of fun with it too!

Cubes are the most basic children’s toy. First, a child simply learns to hold a cube in his hand, then to break towers built by mom, then to build towers of his own, and later even more – he or she builds big cities, inhabited by imaginary heroes. Cubes are a “must-have” toy for children from 6 months to 7 years old.

But no matter what toys you finally choose for your children, the main thing is that it gives your child fun and joy, and, of course, supports and strengthens it in its development. Our product range will make your choice much easier. Please have a look. We look forward to seeing you!

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