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So today's article is about the requirements for a children's room, which a child between the ages of 2 and 6 years. If the life of a baby still takes place increasingly lying down, the circumstances change when the child begins to become more mobile. 

It needs more space, freedom to learn to walk, to explore everything. And at some point, they will also need their own small areas in their nursery where they can be creative, such as tables or chairs adapted to their height, age-appropriate toys, and a bed that grows with them and can open up and become larger over time.


Useful in the nursery for 2-6 year olds:

Many children want a loft bed (or a play bed),which, in addition to sleeping, they can use as a cave, pirate ship, knight's castle or princess castle to play in. In addition to sleeping and playing, loft beds also serve a practical purpose: they save space. There is valuable storage space under the bed for toys, blankets, pillows, etc. Bunk beds are also popular with children. Especially with several siblings, bunk beds are very effective space savers.

Montessori floor wood bed


  • Storage space and organizers

For toys such as building blocks, dolls, etc. are suitable containers, baskets, open shelves with drawers. Clothes are divided into a locker and a school dresser or in a closet. Books can be nicely presented by placing them on shelves on the wall. The books can be replaced from time to time, so at the same time you have a beautiful decoration in the children's room.

In addition to children's closets, shelves are another element in a child's room that helps keep things tidy. If wardrobes keep clothes and other important utensils such as toys, bags, etc. hidden behind closed doors, most shelves have the housed things openly visible. Shelves have besides the accommodation of toys and books on a decorative function in the nursery. Many colorful spines of books are equal to a beautiful decoration.

Wardrobe for children


Since older children still spend a lot of time sitting on the floor while playing, it is important that they have a soft, warming surface in their children's room. A rug should have a rubberized bottom so it won't slip away when they jump or run. Carpet pads can be purchased in any size needed to go with a rug. There are extra play rugs for playing.

Сotton play mat


Children love to paint and do handicrafts. For child-friendly work, there is children's furniture such as table and chair, which are adjusted to the height of children. Here are some from our assortment:

The children's desk/bench has two functions, as a bench or as a desk. Just flip the clouds to find the different positions.
The three-position evolutionary chair has seats at 16, 25 and 30 cm. You just have to turn around the clouds to discover its possibilities.


  • Material: wood, water based lacquer
  • Dimensions: Table: 60 x 42 x 50 cm, Chair: 30 x 35 x 40 cm 

Desk-bench and an chair

Children grow up so quickly, and very often things, toys and even furniture become useless, not suitable for growth. Our multifunctional bench can constantly adapt and change not only to the needs of the child but also to the needs of the whole family.


Materials: FSC beech wood, birch plywood, water-based paint
Dimensions: Height - 50 cm; width - 76 cm; Depth - 40 cm

Multifunctional desk bench

  • Age appropriate toys

Dollhouses are also a popular toy at this age. Wooden houses come in all the varieties that can be found in our store. Individually furnished and designed dollhouses are something very special. Walls can be decorated with wallpaper remnants. A carpet can be made from a piece of fabric. Windows and facade can be painted.... For example, this is how our dollhouse for girls was created, which you can admire and have made in our catalog.

Doll's House


Children love to build caves. They come up with the most imaginative ideas. A table and a blanket are enough, and flux is the robber's cave in use. A self-built house from a cardboard box, which you can paint yourself, was also a big hit with our kids. But also the famous Teepee tents never go out of fashion. We have a lot of those, too.

A great play tent when the kids want to play castle, restaurant, house or just cuddle. Perfect Gift: kids tent features its adorable appearance to be a perfect birthday gift for boys and girls. Apart from the enhancement of imagination of children, toddler tent can also give children a private space for them, where they can have more fun casually.


  • Material: Textile: Cotton; Tent pegs: Wood Pine 
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 110 x 80 x 124 cm

Large kids tent with window

Play in the big pavilion tent where it is room for you and all of your friends. Roll up the sides and invite your friends to join you in the pavilion or take down all the sides for a complete house to play in. The playhouse tent is the small soft little cottage made for playing and hanging out. Easy to assemble and to take apart again.
To make the tent even cosier, match it with the quilted play mat made in the same fabric designed to fit inside our new play tent.


  • Material: Textile: Cotton; Tent pegs: Wood Pine 
  • Dimensions: Diameter 122 cm; Height 142 сm

Large play house tent

Finally, the furnishing of a child's room is of course very individual - tastes differ. The important thing is that the children feel comfortable in it and that they can give free rein to their creativity and imagination. 

Montessori Children's Room


In this article we have tried to summarize for you all the things that we and our authors team consider necessary based on our own experience in the children's room. Feel free to stop by our store, we will be happy to advise you.


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