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A child's room is where they sleep, play, and learn. Transferred to us adults, this would mean putting the bedroom, living room, and office in one room. So that your child can come to rest, the sleeping and playing areas should be well separated, at least visually.

While the bedroom is quiet and harmoniously designed, you can let off steam in the playroom. No matter whether you want to set up a whole playroom or a smaller play corner: Here we show you what you should definitely pay attention to when furnishing. 

Washable play mats

Small children prefer to play on the floor. Therefore, choose soft and easy-care play mats. In our store you will find a wide selection of washable children's play mats, which you can easily wash at home in the machine.

Room for kids

Perfect for romping, easy to clean, super comfortable and incredibly chic are the play mats or puzzle mats from Montessori.Store. Great colors and trendy designs rival children's carpets. You can even lay these mats out all over the playroom because you can easily add to them. Each mat comes with enough edge pieces to make them into different shapes. 

Retreats with teepees

Room within a room: kids love little houses, hideaways and cozy corners. You can create a retreat super quickly with a teepee tent or playhouse. A soft rug under the teepee is beneficial to make it nice and cozy. For even more coziness, you can lay out a lambskin on the floor. Pillows or bed snakes may not be missing in a teepee of course. Equipped with favorite books and cuddly toys, your child can relax in his cuddly corner and even take a nap with a comfortable pad. Great teepees made of sturdy fabrics are available, for example, from Montessori.Store, the brand for playroom equipment in Montessori style.


Movement toys for climbing & gymnastics

We are becoming more and more comfortable and move too little. And the little ones are following suit! So be sure to provide healthy exercise in your nursery even in bad weather or when you don't have time for joint activities. In the meantime, there are great game ideas for the little ones that use up a decent amount of energy and ensure balanced charges. These can be stacking stones (can already be used from 1 year), climbing arches, wall bars, gymnastic rings or sturdy wooden slides, which are also already suitable for toddlers. By the way, wall bars can be used by your whole family: Stretching, yoga and children's gymnastics thus become great family fun from small to large! Sensible movement toys are our absolute recommendation for your playroom equipment.

Kids Tables & Seating Furniture for Painting & Crafting

Many children love to paint and craft. Challenge their creativity and be sure to set up a painting corner in the playroom. A sturdy table, a robust, non-tilting chair and pencil holders with child-sized pens are all that's needed to get children painting their first pictures.

There is a range of child-friendly and high-quality children's tables, at which even 2 children can paint. In addition, the children's chairs from Montessori.Store are among the most stable specimens that the market has to offer. An adult can easily take a seat on them. These chairs are also slightly larger and can still be used well by 8-year-olds. At Montessori.Store you can also find great chest benches that match tables and chairs. You can also use them to store, for example, coloring paper, painting and craft supplies for your child.

Looking for playroom inspiration?

Do you want to create a great playroom or play corner and are looking for ideas and room examples? Check our Store for more playroom ideas to style your own. 

Playroom furnishings at a glance:

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