Ball pit is the perfect way for younger children to learn

So simple and yet so ingenious: ball baths are conquering the children's rooms! The "trend" is as old as the balls themselves. In the play corners of department stores and indoor playgrounds, small and large children have been romping in colorful balls for decades.

Ball pit is the perfect way for younger children to learn

We are sure that even many of our readers and customers used to play in colorful ball pools in their childhood. Find the mistake: colorful. First of all, there were no such nice, soft foam baths back in the day as there are today, and secondly, back then everything that was somehow associated with children was colorful. To our relief, pastel colors were far from being "discovered" in the Interior back then!

Cult toy in a new look

It was only 2-3 years ago that the world came up with the glorious idea of giving the cult toy a new look. (Thanks for that!) Today's ball baths are more kid-friendly than ever.

Ball baths are  kid-friendly than ever

They come as large foam baths and can be ordered either as a complete bath in a variety of color combinations, or as a bath without balls that can be filled with balls purchased separately to suit your mood. What more could you want?

When designing a children's rooms with the latest products, ball baths of course should not be missing.

After all, the wide selection of beautiful colors also makes it impossible for many parents to resist. So in the meantime, we've put together some beautiful color combinations that are available here in the store. You'll find the perfect bath for every kid's room.

From what age a Ball Pit fits?

We are always asked when babies and children are allowed/able to use a ball pit, so we would like to go into more detail here: Your baby should be able to sit independently. From this point on, he will have a lot of fun in his ball pool - of course, only under your supervision.

Ball Pit - cult toy in a new look

Allow your toddler to have fun, even if balls are rolling all over the apartment. That' s all part of it! And if balls start flying through the air later, just take cover. There are worse things in parenting, right?

If you want to do some damage control, put your ball bath in the corner of the room and hang a canopy over it. Or put the bath in a teepee tent. Of course, you still can't completely avoid the chaos, but it will be greatly reduced.

Hygienic and practical

By the way, our ball pits have removable jersey covers. They can be washed at 40 degrees - and your ball pit will look like new. If you want to wash the balls, just put them in the bathtub when your kids are splashing around.

This is not only a lot of fun, the balls are also freed from gummy bear fingers, spit, etc.. And last but not least: Of course our balls are CE-approved and do not smell like plastic. Because that was not always the case 20 years ago...

Ball Pit hygienic and practical

What's important & not important about the ball pit:


  • Our ball baths have a diameter of 90 cm and are 30 cm high
  • The bath is made of 6 cm thick foam, nice and soft and gives way
  • The bottom is 2 cm thick
  • The cover is removable and washable at 40 degrees
  • The balls have a diameter of 7 cm and are CE certified
  • A complete bath is delivered including 200 balls
Ball baths have a diameter of 90 cm and are 30 cm high

In our store you can buy complete baths or ball pit balls and put together your favorite colors. Have fun in your ball bath!

How many balls do you need for a ball pit?

A ball pit is one of the most popular playgrounds for children. If you've ever tried it yourself or watched a child do it, you know how much fun you can have. In addition to the fun, playing and romping in the pool also promotes motor skills. Because turning in the ball pool, keeping your balance or wriggling out again after a jump is not so easy.

Have you ever wondered how many balls are actually in such a ball pool or how many you need for a ball pit? 500, 1000, 2000 or even more? I can tell you that there are many more than you think. 

First of all, it depends on how big your ball pit or ball pool is and whether it should be half filled or completely filled with balls. The next question is how big are the balls you want to use. If the balls are small, you'll obviously need more to adequately fill the pool.

Here's how easy it is to calculate the number of balls for your ball pool

As a rule of thumb: per 1 m³ you need about 5500 of the smaller balls (ø 6 cm) and about 2500 of the larger balls (ø 7.5 cm). Sounds like a lot, but you will need the balls.

Here some of our most selled Ball Pits:


Big Ball Pits Playset, Rose with 200 balls

Foam playset with Ball Pits, Powder pink

Foam Playset with a ball pit, Light gray melange


Conclusion: Perfect for learning

Ball Pit - perfect for learning

A classic ball pit is the perfect way for younger children to learn. Between three and seven months, children can specifically grab something, and between 18 months and three years, they then learn to throw the ball and roll it as well. In addition, a ball pit is also a lot of fun, especially when there are other children around. If parents decide to buy such a bath made of balls for their offspring, they should take their time. The offer is large, but not all of these special baths are suitable for small children. Montessori is looking forward to helping you, choosing the right one for your toddler.

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