Furnishing a Child's Room

Children need space to play in their own room first and foremost. Therefore, the children's room furniture should ideally be a combination of practical and space-saving. A bed, a wardrobe, a shelf & plenty of storage space are the basic themes when furnishing a child's room. But at the latest, when the child starts to paint, look at picture books independently and simply put puzzles together, a seating group should additionally make its way into the children's room.

Montessori children's room furniture set

Where to put the seating group in the children's room?

Growing sofa for Children Montessori

A children's table with chairs significantly reduces the space in the room, especially at the expense of free play areas. Therefore, before buying a children's seating group, it is necessary to consider how much space is available and can be provided to the maximum for a table with chairs, and where exactly they should be placed. Children's tables, and especially desks for children should have access to as much (day) light as possible, so that the eyes have to strain as little as possible while tinkering, painting, doing homework.


Which materials are best suited?


There should be no skimping on children's room furniture. After all, this furniture is subjected to the most wear and tear and is also where the most accidents can happen. Therefore, the material for children's tables and chairs should also be as robust and durable as possible. Perfect would be a children's table with children's chairs made of wood. But whether solid wood, plywood or MDF - the furniture for the children's room must comply with European safety standards and norms, be low in harmful substances and safe to use.


How high should the children's table be?


In order to sit together at the children's table and do crafts, children need a table and chairs appropriate to their height, which will ensure a straight posture. For children up to 6 years, a table between 46 and 53 cm high is suitable. The children's chairs should have a seat height of 26 to 31 cm. (Source: according to DIN EN standard).

Multifunctional bench and two chairs


How many chairs for a children's table?

Even if there is little space in the children's room: for relaxed play at the table, there should be more seats than children in the house. Because - often other children come to play and want to draw, read or do puzzles together at the children's table. Parents often join in spontaneously as well. At birthdays and family gatherings, it's always handy to put the little kids at a separate table to make room for all the guests. With two children, four chairs would be the optimal amount.


Children's tables and chairs in Montessori.Store

Growing Table Transformer Montessori

From now on, Montessori.Store also offers innovative and practical children's room furniture for parents (and children) whose heart beats for sustainable, Nordic and functional design and who are looking for space-saving solutions for the children's room. The children's tables and chairs in the online store are made of high-quality birch plywood, made with great attention to detail and for the safety of children, as well as processed with oil waxes that are harmless to humans, animals and plants. 

For example, the Growing Table Transformer Montessori® for the Children's Room - Olive Green. Take a look right now. To the store

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