Wardrobe for children

A child's closet consists of dozens of things: sportswear and holiday outfits, underwear and warm clothes, school uniforms and items for everyday wear. To put things in a child's closet in order, it usually takes a lot of effort and space in the closets. However, a few rules can make the process easier by keeping things safe and protected from moisture and dust.

Kids Clothing Storage - Where to start? 

In order to properly organize the storage of children's things, you need to sort them into the following categories:

1) clothes for the current season;
2) holiday sets;
3) things you won't need for the current season;
4) clothes that don't fit the size you want to keep.

Wardrobe for children

 During this sorting process, you should carefully inspect each item of clothing and, if necessary, wash things, sew on missing buttons, or otherwise put them in order.

After categorizing the clothes, you need to think about the best way to store each of them. In addition to cabinet furniture, several other places can be used for this purpose, as well as modern accessories that help organize the closet and keep it in order.

Things that won't be needed for the current season or don't fit yet can be stowed away on the topmost shelves or even under the bed, that is, stored in places that don't seem to be very accessible.

Clothes for everyday use should always be at hand, so it is better to place them on open shelves and hangers.

Kids Clothing Storage - Closets and commodes

Large furniture, specifically designed to store things, is in every home. Knowing a few tricks, you can use it more rationally and keep order on the shelves without much effort.

To store suits, blouses, pants and skirts, it is better to use children's hangers, which are designed for clothes of small size. They do not stretch things, can be placed even in shallow cabinets and often have special clips or other design features that allow you to carefully store all types of clothing.

Relatively recently in stores appeared soft hangers, upholstered with synthetic material and covered with cloth. For many housewives they are unusual, but those who used them, appreciated this ancient European invention. Soft sateen hangers are very convenient, especially for children's closet items. Children's clothes do not slip, and when stored they do not form any kinks. On sale you can find hangers of this type in different sizes, including special fabric hangers for children.

Knitwear, underwear and small closet items are better placed in chests of drawers or on the closed shelves of an ordinary wardrobe. Choosing a children's shelf in the closet, make sure that the child can reach it! To keep clothes crumpled and in order, divide them up with modern linen organizers. This makes it easy to find what you need, and even a child can handle the task, becoming more and more independent and collected.

Furniture - Kids Clothing Storage

When choosing furniture for the children's room, pay attention to multifunctional models. These include benches and soft boxes, inside which you can store things, as well as beds-transformers with nightstands and sliding shelves. There are on the market and beds, lofted, under which you can organize a workplace for a child-schooler or a play corner for younger children. Often they are sold in a set with lockers and chests of drawers, which are part of the bed and help to store things more compactly even in small children's rooms.

For the convenience of the child, place the clothes he wears most often on the closest shelves; advanced mothers recommend to group together several sets and hang each on separate hangers for children. Thanks to this, you will always have several ready-made images, and it will take much less time to gather the child to school, for a walk or to visit.

To accustom the little members of the family to neatness, it is recommended to buy special hangers for their clothes for children. If there are any separate sets, such as school uniforms, it is also desirable to have separate hangers for them. This way it is much more likely that the child will hang his clothes in the closet when he comes home from school.

Accessories and storage containers

Even if you have a large closet or separate dressing room, it is not always possible to achieve order in them, especially if they are used to store clothes of all family members at the same time.

The following items can be used to organize the interior of closets and protect things from dirt and dust:

1) cardboard boxes;

2) cases made of non-woven materials;

3) bags and pouches;

4) vacuum bags;

5) organizers made of fabric, plastic, wood.


Things that your child will not need in the current season, you can put away for long term storage under the bed or on the top shelves of cabinets, pre-packaging them in closed boxes or special coffers. This way you free up some of the shelves and sort out the clothes, which will make it much easier to find them not only for the parents, but also for the child. An ideal solution for storage would be vacuum bags - protecting clothes from dust and moths, at the same time they will save a significant amount of space in the closet.

Small closet items like lingerie, pantyhose and accessories can be stored in a dresser, placing in it special organizers and linen. Such accessories are very convenient for storing small items, which are often difficult to somehow subject to a single system. Organizers allow you to separate items and easily keep order on the shelves. T-shirts will be stored with t-shirts, socks with socks. It can be difficult for small children to get used to putting their clothes away, and laundry organizers are a good way out. If the space in the closet or dresser is well organized, it will be much easier to keep order.

Outerwear and other bulky items can be packed in vacuum bags, which significantly reduce the clothes in volume and take up much less space. Costumes and holiday dresses are better stored vertically in special cases, which will protect things from dust.

Cardboard boxes can be filled with accessories, hats or other things and placed on open shelves. Thanks to the strict shapes, these storage accessories are easy to put on top of each other, saving space in the closet. Some are equipped with handles, hinged lids or transparent inserts, so you don't even have to pull them out to find and retrieve the clothes you need. If necessary, you can put stickers on the boxes with information about what is stored in each box.

You can also use plastic containers with a lid for similar purposes, which are lightweight and come in several sizes, allowing them to be placed in cabinets and closets of any configuration.

Another modern solution is hanging textile coffers. They can be placed even in the open space, and in terms of functionality they are not inferior to classic cabinets, since they have several open shelves. They are usually made of durable non-woven material, which can be washed if necessary.Organizers

General Guidelines

Before you send things for long-term storage, be sure to wash them and check the serviceability of zippers, the presence of all the buttons, etc. This way when the new season arrives, you won't have to rush to the atelier or try to remove stale stains.

You can put special moth-proof and moisture-absorbing products in the closet, bag or box in which you store your clothes. This will keep things safe from insects and other negative factors and extend their lifespan.

Timely get rid of clothes that fell into disrepair or became too small. Such things only take up unnecessary space in the closet and complicate the process of cleaning, creating a sense of clutter.


Wardrobe for children

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