Membership in the Swiss Toy Association

All parents want their child to be surrounded only by quality and safe toys

All parents want their child to be surrounded by high quality and secure toys. Children spend a lot of time with them. It is important to understand in which shops you can buy goods. One would like to remain clear and certain in this matter. That's why we look forward to seeing you a great news: We were a member of the toys Association Switzerland!

Membership in the Swiss Toy Association

SVS combines leading manufacturers, importers and suppliers of toys in Switzerland. The association represents the interests of its members at national and international level to specific topics. SVS supports free competition, the open communication between all members of the Community and strives for a consensus to controversial topics.

Become a member of this association is a great success for us! During the existence of our store we have achieved a high quality of the goods sold, which corresponds to the requirements of this association.

Toys Association Switzerland!

When selecting toys for our business, we let ourselves be guided with experts from the following principles:

- careful selection of manufacturers;

- security and proven advantages of each toy;

- Each of our toys is full of love for child and care for it;

- a variety of toys for all ages;

- ethics and aesthetics of each selected toy (the appearance of the toy is intended to inspire, promote imagination and no fear);

- Honesty to customers.

Toys Association Switzerland!

The above principles are supported by the toys Association Switzerland. That's why we are very proud to become his member! It speaks for the high quality and the responsible use of our work. Membership in such a dress proves that we are on the right path to our goals.

Now you can rely even more on the quality of our products. And we will still keep the quality level and also carefully select the assortment of our shop. Delight your children with proven quality toys!

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