Pikler triangle

A Pikler triangle is wonderful play equipment for babies and toddlers, because it promotes motor skills, movement development and creativity.


But what should you look for when buying a Pikler triangle? In this article, you will find tips for the selection and an overview of recommended current offers. You have all the important information at a glance, for example, information about the size, wood type, load capacity, child safety device and more, and can easily find the right climbing triangle.

Pikler triangle

By the way, the Pikler Triangle takes its name from the Hungarian pediatrician and educator Emmi Pikler. The size, the spacing of the rungs and the entire construction are thus well thought out.

Babies as young as 10 months can use the rung triangle for sitting up. Later, toddlers love the climbing triangle for climbing and can be used as a parcours. With a blanket over it, it becomes a cave or a tunnel. So this toy for babies and toddlers is really versatile, does not take up much space in the nursery.

In short, a Pikler triangle encourages the little ones through play. What more could you want? No wonder the Pikler Triangle has become a popular 1st birthday gift.


Checklist for the right choice

Before we present the concrete products offered by our Store, we have compiled a checklist to help you decide what is really important to you when making a purchase.

  • Stability and load-bearing capacity: Up to how many kilos can the rung triangle be loaded? If you have more than one child, or if you often have visitors, be aware that sometimes two children will be playing on it at the same time.
  • Wood type: Pikler triangles are available in plywood, softwood (for example spruce or pine) or hardwood (beech). Good workmanship is also important, because splinters spoil the fun very much. Especially if the climbing triangle is to be used outdoors, a weather-resistant wood and possibly a paint finish is recommended. For indoors, of course, it also goes unpainted.
  • Foldable: Some devices can be folded and thus stored space-saving.
  • Child safety lock: If you decide for a foldable climbing triangle, it should also have a child safety lock. This prevents the climbing triangle from accidentally folding and causing bruises and accidents.
  • Height: It is important to remember that if you climb high, you can fall low. Therefore, a low climbing triangle ( about 60 cm) is suitable for babies and toddlers. The original Emmi Pikler devices are not higher than 75 cm. Therefore, climbing triangles with a height of 90 cm are also very popular. They are also mostly recommended for toddlers from 1 year of age. Large climbing triangles with 1.10 or 1.20 cm are rather rare.
  • Accessories: It is possible to extend the Pikler triangle with different accessories, so that it remains interesting for the children even longer. Most popular are the slide board and the monkey bar. With a Pikler arch you can create whole pacours. You can choose a set with accessories or buy them later.
  • Assembling or ready delivery: Some Pikler triangles are delivered already assembled, others you still have to assemble.

Small Pikler triangle - from 60 cm


Here you can find small Emmi Pikler triangles with a height of about 60 cm. They are usually suitable for babies from 10 months and are usually interesting for the child during the entire toddler age.


Climbing Triangle
This climbing triangle is a true multi-talent of an exercise toy that sets no limits for the creativity of young climbing pros! Even younger children can use the triangle for their first attempts at standing up, while older children can climb up the rungs and build additional caves, tunnels, bridges, and houses.

Material: Wood
Dimensions: 78 x 67 x 60 cm

Small Pikler triangle - from 60 cm


Medium climbing triangle - from 90cm

Pikler triangles from about 90cm are among the best sellers. The height is manageable and the children can practice climbing. If you later pair the children's triangle with a slide board or monkey bar, the useful life will of course increase further.

The Montessori set

The Montessori set ""The first stairs and slide"" is ideal for the physical development of your child!
Main functions:
• Strengthening of early childhood muscles
• Develops logical thinking
• Develops imagination
• Develops dexterity

• stairs 92*16*59 cm;
• Slide 115*40*3 cm.

Sports Complex


Large climbing triangle - from 110 cm


For the sake of completeness, we also present here a large Pikler triangle. They offer the advantage that a slide board can be mounted on it more steeply. Also, it may be more interesting and usable for the children for a longer time. However, it is important to note that kids can also fall deeper here. For babies and toddlers, therefore, rather lower climbing triangles are recommended. And for older climbing mice, a wall bars in the children's room may already be worthwhile.



The perfect climbing frame that will bring years of fun from when you can walk to school age.


Is fit for the youngest babies starting from 6 months. The playground develops basic skills, physical strength, agility, and spatial thinking.


Set: Wooden slide, Wooden gymnastic rings, Climbing rope 1m, Suspended swing with a backrest


Size of packaging: climbing frame 110*105*100 cm (LxWxH)


 Wooden Playground for Kids

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