history history. Quality educational toys for children made of wood.

My name is Noah Keller. Together with my wife Emma, ​​we are accountants from Basel.
The family has always been in the first place for us and we dreamed of a child for a long time.
 When our daughter Anna appeared in our family, we realized that we became the parents of a special child who needs much more attention than ordinary children. Anna had a slight developmental delay and mild signs of autism. To compensate for this, we used Montessori educational toys. history. Quality educational toys for children made of wood.

What is the Montessori system?

The Montessori system is the method of a talented Italian teacher and doctor Maria Montessori. It is based on the child's independent knowledge of the world around him. Toys according to the Monessori system help develop fine motor skills, sensorimotor coordination, orientation in space and perseverance.

Montessori education system

What's up with Anna now?

Now Anna is already 4 years old and she is an absolutely happy and healthy child. Monessori's toys and regular activities from an early age had a beneficial effect on her development, which made it possible to correct the slight backlog that she had. history. Quality educational toys for children made of wood.

We founded the Montessori®️ brand in 2021.
We wanted to open a store for parents like us, who are especially interested in the development of fine motor skills and cognitive abilities in children at an early age. 

Montessori Store - Pleasure to learn

It was important for us to share our experience with other parents, so we have collected in our store products that will create an effective developmental environment:
- furniture for a children's room;
- play sets, materials and toys

All our products are created according to the principles of Montessori, made mainly from natural materials, because they are indispensable for the harmonious development of children. Promote cognitive and mental development, improve creativity.

What is it now?

Now in the Montessori®️ online store you can find educational toys and materials made in accordance with the best traditions of this technique.

We were a member of the toys Association Switzerland!

Toys Association Switzerland

Our direct collaboration with workshops, manufacturers and exclusive dealers from around the world ensures that we offer only quality products. history. Quality educational toys for children made of wood.