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Only a few toys encourage children in such a diverse way as building blocks. Yet, clamp and magnetic blocks have largely displaced wooden building blocks from toddlers' playrooms. Clamp and magnetic blocks are great for open-ended play, meaning they certainly provide an open-ended play experience. Still, you don't learn as much about balancing and statics with them as you do with classic building blocks. Clamp and magnetic blocks are easy to put together. Building blocks, on the other hand, must be carefully placed on top of each other to prevent the structure from collapsing.

Wooden building blocks provide children with important learning opportunities

Educational experts agree that wooden building blocks provide children with important learning opportunities in physics, construction, other sciences, mathematics, and open-ended, imagination-directed play. In addition to common games (stacking, building, knocking over), children also use building blocks for more creative purposes: making a bed for a baby doll, serving them as "food" in role play, or assembling them into a two-dimensional picture. If you watch five kids playing with building blocks, you'll probably see five different ways of playing.

Playing with building blocks promotes development in these areas, among others:

1) Language development
At first glance, you may not see a connection between language development and building blocks. But playing with building blocks is often accompanied by many linguistic expressions, not least when your child tells stories about his construction.

2) Practice fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination
Stacking building blocks on top of each other and properly aligning a wobbly tower requires good fine motor skills and precise eye-hand coordination.

3) Discovering basic principles of building technology and science
Playing with building blocks gives children opportunities for problem solving and troubleshooting, as well as testing hypotheses about construction, gravity, and different perspectives.

4) Learning basic mathematical concepts
Recognizing patterns, symmetry, fractions, and linear measurement are an essential part of playing with blocks. This incidentally teaches the first elements of mathematics. Young children can also practice simple counting and learn "one-to-one mapping" (i.e., making the connection between the number word ("one") and the quantity (1)).

5) Social and emotional development

When working together with other children, playing with building blocks provides opportunities to practice a number of important skills: Teamwork, problem solving, taking turns, sharing, and advocating for oneself. These skills take a long time to develop and are very challenging for young children.

6) Room for imagination
Building blocks are also often used in role play: your child can serve them as food or use them to build a bed for the baby doll or a house for small animals. Building blocks are a wonderfully versatile, creative toy because they offer numerous different possibilities and can also be combined with other toys.
Further down some examples of great games with building blocks.

3 interesting games with building blocks

  • Montessori Toys, Children Toys, Wooden Building Blocks - The Mountains

    Wooden Building Blocks

    This Wooden building blocks set is a classic educational toy that provides hours of hands on, screen free play and learning. It is a piece of nature that you can take home. Feel the air, touch the wood and connect with Mother Nature. 

    The Mountains building blocks teach to dream and create, never to stop, and to look not only forward but upward, too. Durable and safe construction: Though our colorful building blocks are made of solid wood, these blocks are light in weight, which makes them safe for kids; the blocks have rounded edges and a smooth painted finish that won't splinter with play

    Colorful Wooden Cubes, Children's Wooden Blocks, Wooden Toys, German Alphabet

    Children's Wooden Blocks

    The enchanting wooden blocks combine playing and learning in a perfect way and inspire your little one for many years. At the beginning you can practice your first words with the help of the wonderful motifs and later you can learn about letters and numbers in a playful way.

    With these wooden blocks :

    1. the little ones can learn the numbers 1 to 10 with ease
    2. practice grabbing or build a tower with the blocks
    3. Thanks to the many different colors and patterns, the little ones won't get bored easily
    4. In addition, has designed wooden blocks so that they are always a pretty decoration in the nursery.

    Montessori Toys, Children Toys, BUILDING BLOCKS - APARTMENT

    Natural Wooden Blocks

    The wooden blocks with the basic dimensions have different shapes and are the perfect size for your little ones' first attempts at stacking. The wooden box itself is ideal for stowing the building blocks.

    Benefits of building :

    • Building broadens the horizon
    • Develops visual thinking and spatial representations
    • Building blocks trains mindfulness and fine motor skills of the hands

    These are just a few examples from our wide range. Please visit our online store. We are glad to be involved in the development of your child.

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