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Motor skills toys

For children from 1 to 4 years. Wooden educational toy that will be a good gift for children. Toys for toddlers are educational and can keep the baby interested for a long time.

  • Side A: 4 large doors with hook and bolt lock, door chain that children love to open. When you open all the doors, the entire space of the house opens! The child wants to hide his treasures right there.
  • Side B: A funny and very nice giraffe with 3 pockets with different opening principles, after opening all pockets the baby will find a zipper! Near the giraffe there are beads on ropes that can be sorted with your fingers, while the child learns the colors! The development of color perception , coordination of movements, skills of working with laces and buttons will be improved! Slide skat is a fun game for the child, coins roll on it very quickly and it's fun!
  • Side B: The side with different gears will delight the kid for a long time! Colorful, unusual! The door with the lock and keys! Bell, switch, improvised socket!
  • Side G: Labyrinth with Ice! Our new maze allows the child to play a fun game and make their favorite ice cream: chocolate, on a stick, in a glass, with strawberries. From above, the sun rolls happily between the clouds! And beautiful sea creatures live in the sea with Velcro fasteners! This wall is filled with summer mood, in this game the child develops coordination of movements, logical thinking, endurance and explores the sea creatures!

Roof: fruit mosaic! Contains 6 different fruits! Each fruit consists of 2 large parts!

Roof: The ladybug has wings and there is a mirror hidden there! The sun, the butterfly and the bee are turning! And cheerful colored carrots have to find their place in the beds: according to the shape and color!

You can find even more educational games for toddlers on our website.

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60 x 40 x 40 cm
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