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Game Mats for Kids - Twister

Mobile game on modular rugs - Twister!
Rules of the game: roll a die and name the action - a part of the body and the color that fell on the die. Players must move that part of the body of the named color to the appropriate mat as quickly as possible. If a player touches the mat with his knee or elbow, or fails to keep his balance, he is out of the game. The last one standing wins!

DEVELOPS All modules fit together like a puzzle so that the child can put them together as they wish. At the same time, his fine motor skills and tactile perception are trained in the hands. The structure mats support the development of physical and cognitive functions and are an essential aid in occupational and physiotherapy.
LEARN  Our orthopedic mats imitate the different surfaces of nature: grass, pebbles, branches. The little ones step on the mats barefoot and deal with various stimuli. The rounded nubs caress, massage and stimulate reflex zones on the surface of the skin. The child only works with their own weight and learns to control their body, trains their balance and coordination skills.
SAFENESS Premium quality material: orthopedic mats are made with PVC -certified material. Quality first! Easy to clean and maintain: Water resistant, Just wipe away any dirt or dust.


  • Material: PVC
  • Dimensions: Dimensions of the individual parts: 25 x 25 cm
  • Set includes: a playing field of 16 puzzle modules: 2 cubes
  • 4 Herringbone (soft) left footprint, 4 Herringbone (soft) right footprint,
  • 4 Hands (soft) left print, 4 Hands (soft) right tprint
  • Easy to lock together, easy to store, Travel and Outdoor safe, Non-slip base.
  • Model ID code: Twist-16


Recommended age from 3 years.
Only use toys under adult supervision!
The toy is suitable for playing at home and in groups.
Made for everyone: Family-oriented, even pets.

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