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Falling Jenga Game, Board Games for Kids, Games for Family - Jenga

Falling Jenga game
Falling Jenga Game, Falling Tower is an exciting game .
Take turns pulling the tower's beams so that it doesn't fall and have fun! The winner is the one who gets the pole last and doesn't collapse the tower. You must act carefully and cautiously.

very well developed fine motor skills
trains spatial and architectural thinking
Develops team spirit: Children can play together and improve their communication skills
it is a family game: it is fun for both children and adults
all elements of the set are made of wood
manually sanded
eco-friendly paints

54 pcs: lion - 9 pcs, mouse - 9 pcs, monkey - 9 pcs, rabbit - 9 pcs, cat - 9 pcs, chicken - 9 pcs (4x9cm)
Cube - 1 pc. - 4 x 4 cm
Bag - 1 pc.
Cards - 24 pcs.
Size: 28 x 10 x 8 cm

Absolutely a good choice as birthday and Christmas gifts for boys and girls.



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