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Wobbly Tower

This 60-piece wobbly tower game made of wood is ideal for outdoor playtime. With this dexterity game, the players have to have a steady hand and pull individual blocks out of the tower without the tower falling over. Another special feature is the included coloured die, which dictates which coloured side has to be touched next. This game is a hit and simultaneously trains patience, motor skills and concentration.

DEVELOPS Active play that uses the large muscles of the legs, arms, and trunk is important for your preschooler's health and physical development. Learning to harness the power of their muscles to run, jump, throw, catch, and kick is vital to the growth of their bodies and brains.
LEARN Gross motor skills are physical skills that require large muscles to enable whole body movement. This includes activities like walking, running, jumping, throwing, kicking, catching, swimming, biking, and more. Gross motor activities involve the whole body and big muscles of the body.
SAFENESS The large, naturally finished game pieces are coloured in light green, yellow, blue and grey colours. Robust, high-quality solid wood guarantees long fun - these toys are absolutely safe


  • Material: Wood
  • Dimensions: Stacking stone 21 x 5 x 3.5 cm, height of the tower 70 cm, playable up to 100 cm
  • the large, naturally finished game pieces
  • Set includes: 60 elements, large size
  • Model ID code: 12027


Recommended age from 4 years.
Only use toys under adult supervision!
The toy is suitable for playing at home and in groups.

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