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Pastel wooden cubes

Building blocks - one of the most creative toys .
The blocks are perfect for:
- They serve to promote motor skills. For example, by building towers and houses, the child learns to hold the individual components in their fingers and to assemble and stack them accordingly.
- Playing with building blocks promotes abstract thinking, promotes creativity and imagination, because free play is also important for the development of the child .
- By devising your own play worlds, both creativity and imagination are stimulated, chAllnged and thus also promoted.
- With our wooden cubes, which correspond to the simplest geometric shapes, fascinating objects can be built. Houses, castles, towers, vehicles or entire landscapes - there are no limits to the imagination.

Building blocks are so versatile and educationally valuable that they should not be missing in any children's room today.
- 20 multicolored wooden cubes
- made from environmentally friendly ash and beech
- carefully sanded to smooth and coated with exceptionally safe water-based paints
- on the details there are no sharp corners and edges, they can be safely given to children of 18 months
- modern design packaging

Item parameters:
- Packaging - wooden box with retractable lid for easy storage
- cube 4 x 4cm
- Size: 21 x 21 x 6 cm ⠀
- Weight: 2.0 kg

21 x 21 x 6 cm ⠀⠀



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