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Sorter Wood

Sorter wood is a kind of educational toy that offers a lot of learning while your child is playing. Detachable building blocks are easy to carry and can take toys with you wherever you want.
One side has openings in five different shapes into which the five matching plug-in modules can be inserted.
Trains hand-eye coordination - by plugging in, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills are specifically trained in children from the age of one. In addition, the recognition of shape and color is trained.

Absolutely a good choice as birthday and Christmas gifts for boys and girls.

MONTESSORI MATERIAL Montessori education is a teaching method based on children gaining their own experiences and from the resulting independent learning. Children use learning materials that encourage self-employment.

LEARNING Helps to study concepts of colors, shapes, numbers; comparison, classification, analysis.

PADAGOGICAL Montessori education is designed to allow children to learn topics of interest to them in a self-directed manner and at their own pace: Color perception, movement coordination, perseverance, attention, memory, tactility, and fine motor skills.

SAFETY Handmade: natural wood, safe wax cover. The bright colors also make this sorter wood visually stimulating.

Possible games:
- Games with a box sorter from 6 months
- Sorting game - you can mix up all the wooden shapes and ask the children to put the correct shape and size in the correct hollows
- A fun game of learning colors
- Didactic guide

Content of the set:
- Wooden box 20 х 11 x 11 cm
- Plastic box lid
- Set of geometric shapes 21 pieces

20 х 11 x 11 cm
Item number - НК-015_332194376

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