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Stacking pyramid wood

consists of 5 rings. The stacking pyramid wood encourages children to play, and the children enjoy building the tower because of its entertaining appearance.
In addition, parents can use this toy to teach their children to count from one to five.
Playing with this toy promotes fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and dexterity.
The toys are environmentally friendly, pollutant-free, and painted with linseed oil.

Real wooden toy stacking pyramid that carries warmth and energy from 5 valuable types of wood: beech, oak, maple, thermo ash, linden.
- made of natural wood
- The parts are light, polished by hand, and have neither corners nor sharp edges.
- Covered with food-grade flaxseed oil
- Suitable for children from 1 years
- suitable for children from the first months of life

Size: 9.0 x 9.0 x 11.0 cm





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