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Is not just a set of exercises and material,
but a whole ecosystem for a child's upbringing and development.

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HIGH QUALITY STANDARD is a world of toys made from natural materials and eco products for creativity and development.

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Our toys are made from natural,
biodegradable materials made.
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Montessori toys

The perfect Montessori toy for toddlers

Montessori. Store
Montessori toys are high-quality, educational toys that pursue specific learning goals and offer children the opportunity to master age-appropriate tasks alone or within a group.
In this guide, we explain what you should look for when buying a Montessori toy and also offer you a selection of the best models currently available at our store.
the Pyramid Stacking Toy

How to play with a Pyramid Stacking Toy? 10 ideas for fun games with the Pyramid Stacking Toy

Montessori. Store
A Pyramid Stacking Toy is probably the most popular and traditional toy for kids. It is very important in the development of fine motor skills, introduces colors, develops logical thinking and coordination of movements. There are many variations of Pyramid Stacking Toys.
Learning colors

The importance of colors at Montessori: Learning colors made easy!

Montessori. Store
In Montessori education, colors are used to provide children with additional support in their engagement with learning materials.
In the article you will learn:

- What colors are used for in Montessori.
- Why colors are important.
- How we can implement it at hom